Tuesday, May 23, 2006

playing nice and more

Note: this a CLEAN blog. A family oriented place. a SAFE place.

The reason I state this publicly is because I had a few comments yesterday that unnerved me. Two comments in fact....Since they were written anonymously, I cannot say for certain but I am pretty sure the writer was male and verrrrry lonely.

If you're going to leave a comment, PLEASE keep it clean and obscenity-free. If freaky stuff is what you want, it ain't here, baby!


BTW, Day One of my diet went well. I am on the way to healthier living.. I even went walkign yesterday! Almost a mile..I am excited at the prospect of being healthier. I want to dance at my daughter's wedding, I want to go for walks with Greg when we're old and grey. And that dream is worth more to me than a meal at a drive-through....I won't bore you with details of my diet. But I will share my success with you. Posted by Picasa


Laney said...

I can relate to the trollish comments, that's why I have the comment moderator on.

I don't mind the flaxseed oil, it's the psyllium husks that make me gag, blech!!:-)

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

OK, but tell us what happened to May 1-10.