Thursday, May 11, 2006

Thursday THREE

I stayed up far too late last night so I have neither the time nor the energy for the whole Thursday THIRTEEN so I am just giving you THREE....If that's a problem (and why would it be?) just deal......

today's artwork provided by Miss Micaela Balvanz

Three things you wish for:

*for better health. (I'm working on this with new vigor)
*for my kids to grow up happy and well adjusted with no obvious scars of childhood.
*for GOBS more scrap stuff....(I am soooo loving AC Moore now, they rock!!)

3 Things You Would Do To/For Yourself If There Was No One To Judge You (…or if you had the guts to do it!)

*get highlights in my hair
*take a week off alone and let my husband take care of everything
*can't think of another one....but I reserve the right to add one later!

3 Bad Habits You Have

*BITING MY NAILS (I look like some anxiety ridden cannibal, I know)
*stay up too late (for what...? "Law & Order" repeats...)
*buying scrapbook supplies (I buy too much, I know)

3 Insecurities You Feel
*I always feel that everyone else has it better than me -- more money, nicer body, well behaved kids, nicer house, nicer car, more friends.
*that my scrap-booking totally sucks and people are just nice to me when they say they like my pages.
*too uptight about my body, which has changed dramatically with the last 2 kids.

3 Talents/Skills You Wish You Had

*singing (I have great desire but ZERO ability)
*organization (as in MAINTAINING a clean house)
*being able to read a map

3 Things That You Would Do If You Had More Time (and a babysitter)

*EXERCISE and stick to it.
*de clutter my house and keep it that way, but to do that properly I would have to remove that section of my brain that loves clutter!
*date my husband!!

3 Things That Bring You Peace/Relaxation

*FOOTRUBS, definitely.
*when kids are asleep and i am finally alone with my husband
*scrapbooking (usually)
*listening to music loud in my car, while I am by myself

Things That Spark Your Creativity

*looking through design magazines
*lyrics to songs
*the little things inspire me TOTALLY..

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Christy said...

LOVE the picture!! :)

Anonymous said...

Three things I wish for you are love, happiness, and prosperity in all facets of life.


Anonymous said...

Super color scheme, I like it! Keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing this wonderful site with us.