Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Today Micaela had her bridging ceremony from Daisy to BROWNIE!
(Daisy is the 1st Level of Girl Scouts).
I'd always wanted to do that when I was a little girl but never did.

It was hot as the blazes today. Hundred degrees, I'd swear.
The ceremony was OUTDOORS and the sun was shining.
The ladies who lead this troop are FABULOUS. They have so much kindness, energy and patience. I am so grateful that we had a nice troop.

Micaela ran across the bridge with her balloon in her mouth. Goofball....

Now I get to buy a whole new set of uniforms....Anyone have some Brownie uniforms in a size 6-7??

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Christy said...

Ahhh! So sweet! I can remember crossing that bridge when I was little! It looks like a beautiful day! Will you send some of that sunshine our way please??!! LOL

paige said...

check online. a neighbor just bought something online for her daughter, for brownies.