Thursday, May 04, 2006


The visit with my mom is going well.
We had a LONG talk the first night she was here. I wish she had come sooner.

We've been really busy with throft store shopping, eating out, keeping up with the kids' schedules, and just hanging out.

Today, we're off to my beloved Target and she's never been to CostCo, so we'll go there....
and then by the bank and onto Sears where I have to get Jonathan some new glasses.

Jonathan has had a SUPER CRAPPY week.....On the 1-10 scale, it's a solid 4 for Jonathan's behavior......Hopefully, he'll calm down soon.....

I am sleepy. I never sleep well with my husband gone. Not to mention I don't get to talk much with him. The 6 hour time difference from DC to Hawaii......but he's there doing his job.....

okay, enough babbling from me. I gotta get cleaned up and OUTTA HERE!

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Anonymous said...

Target sounds like a bit of an obsession with you. Do you know you make it sound like a spiritual haven? I've never known anyone to have such an affinity for a store. I'm not critizing, I just find it rather peculiar. I hope you had a great time regardless!


Scott B. said...

Are you still planning on visiting Houston???