Monday, June 12, 2006

another one

Difficult subject (Jonathan hates to have pictures taken).
Difficult writing (just private thoughts)
but it's done....

I don't do many pages about Jonathan. He's very hard to photograph. He has such beautiful eyes, but he always makes goofy faces when my camera is visible. I don't have nearly enough scrapbook pages with Jonathan as my star. I regret that....It's unintentional. I try to respect his space. I am pretty annoying with a camera in my hands. I was amazed that he let me take this picture. I am printing it up in a soft goldenrod hue for our family wall (another work in progress in my mind).

I used my fabulous new CD "Ali Edwards' Fresh Fonts" from CK. I love her stuff. It's so edgy and cool, but in a comfortable way. Not edgy like scary. But edgy as in unique. But still approachable. The fact that she, too, has a son with autism makes me feel a certain kinship with her. I admire that she's a tremendously talented business woman and yet, her son and husband are top priority. I like that. So I buy her stuff when I can. I read her blog daily (who doesn't?)

I am done with the homeschooling field trip calendar for June/July, so one some of those outings, I will take more pictures, good pictures, of Jonathan. If Ali can do it, so can I.....

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Ali said...

This is a cool layout.

Anonymous said...

Looks like by the comment that you have a fan as well. Nice job! I've been unable to access your blog recently; I've missed it. You are so interesting!