Friday, June 30, 2006


My husband was off work yesterday.
We spent the day taking care of business and went to Kohl's where I bought not one, but TWO pair of new shoes. Saucony and Adidas cross-trainers. (I've already decided that I don't like the Saucony ones. Not enough support. But I remain hopeful about the Adidas.) My husband's 1st comment upon seeing both sets of shoes was "they're pink.".....Uh yeh, I am a girl. Even my running/walking shoes will be pink.....

Went walking yesterday. And even though I barely walked a respectable distance, it felt good to be outside, exercising. I noticed last month, when my exercise was more consistent. that I:

* slept better and deeper
* no cramps or PMS
* cravings were far less (but nothing will wipe out the craving for Reese's PB cups)
* and I felt more in control of my health when I was ACTIVE.

So lesson learned, no matter what, I gotta get my butt out there and EXERCISE. No excuses. This means more consistent meal planning so I don't have the excuse "Oh I have to fix dinner." This means making sure my running/walking clothes are clean and available to wear, so I can't say "Oops. Nothing to wear."

You can cheat on a diet or make excuses but in the end the only person you're cheating is yourself. I have not gained any weight since starting this new plan (I've lost 11.5#) but I KNOW I could be doing even more. I COULD. I have been really lazy these past two weeks. Getting Jonathan's stuff straightened out has eased the stress on me and now I have to get back to taking care of myself.

So here's to my health! Posted by Picasa

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Linda said...

yet another thing we have in common...PB cups...mmmmm...cosmic, I know!