Tuesday, June 13, 2006

darn it

Darn it.....
Wouldn't you know it?
I already bought Greg's Father's Day gift and then I saw this gem at http://www.robotsandrelax.com.

It's a robotic lawn-mower. My man works really hard, commuting 100 miles each day. Getting up before the sun does. Doesn't complain. He eats just about anything I cook. He bought me a beautiful pearl necklace in Hawaii and it wasn't even my birthday.....He even holds my hand sometimes. he deserves something fabulous for recognition of being a SUPER DAD (and husband).

Maybe I should take back what I got him and get him this $2300 robotic lawn mower.....
Nah......it's not made by DeWalt, so it would be lonely in his shop.

Now, when are they going to make something that makes the beds, tackles the sock basket and rub feet? that's what *I* am waiting for.....

Although a robotic lawn mower would be pretty darn spiffy. Posted by Picasa

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