Wednesday, June 21, 2006

a day like any other


Jonathan's on Day 6 of new meds. He seemed less groggy today but has too much spit in his mouth and drooled a bit today. Gross, I know. Especially when it happens in the car and there isn't a napkin or towel in the vehicle. Ick. I am hoping on Friday that they lowe the dosage of his anti-psyhotic. It scares me when I say "anti-psychotic" in relation to one of my children..but it's what he needs to function.


My hearing was a super curse today. I took the kids out for a nice lunch at a nice place. Two tables over, I witnessed (and heard) something I would have rathered not heard. The man, 40-ish, was trying to break it off with his buxom scantily clad mistress. She was NOT going quietly. She whined and pleaded and whined some more...Then Mr 40-something scumbag said, "We just have to cool things until the baby is born, ok? Then I'll leave her, I promise..." all the while smooching on the Gold Digger with fake boobs. It was disgusting. It really was. I asked the staff to move my children and I to another table so I wouldn't have to hear anymore.

I've had people as me, "Can you just turn it (my hearing) off?" Man, I wish I could. I think I would be a better person if I could. But I can't. Most people have a funnel, and they can filter out extraneous noise. I get it all at 100%. It's torturous. But it's part of me...I deal with it as best as I can.


I made someone's day today....My friend, Paige, is a MAJOR Jon Bon Jovi fan...He was "Oprah" today so I called Paige and she is still soaring from watching him. Love you, Paige!


I really REALLY want some chocolate today.


My family is freaky. We only have one TV. When I tell people that we only have 1 TV, they look at me like I have a third eye. I can keep track of what the kids watch. There's only been 2-3 times that I wished we'd had another TV. We have a strict rule: no TV's in bedrooms. Bedrooms are for sleeping. TV goes in the TV room....If we gave Jonathan his own TV, I don't think we'd ever see him again.

Tomorrow, I am going to start the tour of Balvanz Haus. Someone sent me an e-mail asking what my house looked like, so every few days I'll post a picture of what a specific room looks like. Of course, this WILL force me to clean up a bit....

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paige said...

you TOTALLY did make my day. i havent had time to rewind and watch yet, but i am going to before i go to bed, so i have sweet dreams. i still cant believe that they got the wrong fan. i know we were married in a different life, lol.........
thanks for thinking of me!!

Linda said...

We started with 1 TV...then we got a bigger and better one, and put the smaller one in the spare bedroom, which became Scotty's room...couldn't leave that TV there or Hannah'd want one it came to our bedroom (imagine, after 5 years of marriage!). It keeps me company on my many insomniatic nights....

Of course, we just NOW bought our third tv...because the "small" tv is so old it didn't have the RCA jacks and we couldn't hook a DVD player to it and it was the end of the world for the kids without movies after our HHG got now, we have THREE...ugh. We need to get rid of the old one....