Wednesday, June 14, 2006

"diet" update

Let me first say that I don't think of it as a diet.
I think of it as a major shift in my health.

I started the Fat Flush Plan about 3 weeks ago. It's been steady and relatively easy. LOTS of food prep and lots of keeping track of what goes into my body. The plan is very restrictive. It's a lot of NO's. Although the focus is on a lower carb way of eating, it's not total avoidance. It's trading in bad stuff for good stuff. (I do miss bread. but oddly enough, with the cran-water, I do NOT miss my heavily sugared Sweet Tea.)

I have lost almost 12 pounds. More importantly, I lost a dress size and am working on the next size down. Although Greg has lost more weight (by the numbers), I feel good about how my body is changing. Not to mention, I feel HEALTHIER. The thought of ending up diabetic freaks me out. That's not to say that my family history still won't over-power what I am doing but I am giving my body a fighting chance...

In order not to get totally bigged down and hating healthy food, Greg and I allow ourselves one NAUGHTY meal a week. One really awful thing. We had our NAUGHTY meal this past Saturday, a meal alone at Chili's while the kids were at respite. I love Chili's and I ordered what I always do (Chicken Crispers with gravy and fries..) It was awful....I couldn't even eat two crispers and left 80% of my fries on the plate. This Plan has changed how I look at food and how it tastes...

Now donuts.....I am pretty certain that a dozen Krsispy Kreme donuts would taste FABULOUS. (Why is it we can explore space but we, as an advanced society, cannot create a healthy tasty donut?)

I like that I have lost almost 12#. (Would have lost more if I had kept walking on a daily basis)
I have 8 more to go to meet my first goal.
Those 8 pounds are going to take me all of July.
But I am into it. I am all about it. I AM READY!! Posted by Picasa

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