Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Presently my household is much like the ARMY.
We're on a "spending freeze".


We have not only regular bills, but several vacations to pay for this year.
This means, for me, no trips to my beloved Target. Well, I can go, I just shouldn't buy anything ultra-fun. Which of course means staying OUT of the scrap aisle. But truthfully, I already own everything from there (unless they got a truck in today that I was unaware of....)

Alas, I digress.....I am not spending any more money on scrap stuff. Not for a LONG while.
I have TONS of stuff. I don't want to be greedy. My new eating has taught me about consumerism and in my scrap area, I have been BUYING (consuming) a lot. And not using enough. So that's about to change. I'm either gonna use it or EBay it....I need money more than I need stuff. Plus I am hitting that point that I get to every few months when my scrap clutter starts to give me anxiety attacks....It's just too much....

So, I have been good. Not buying things that I shouldn't. I have showed such restraint. And then the UPS guy stopped by today and brought me THIS: My Ali Edwards font CD...I ordered it a LONG time ago. But my 1st reaction is to want to go to my local scrap store and buy some new papers......DUH! I have about 4 million sheets of paper. I am NOT kidding when I say I could scrap for a YEAR and still have more paper than most scrappers have.

Whew....I bet by now you're wondering if I took my ADD meds? (I don't take any, although I've wondered if I should a time or two....)'s all about temptation.....and strength. And resistance.
I am weak, and flawed. But I am DETERMINED.
I am constantly tempted. And I pray for strength. I ask God to guide me and He has lifted me up these last few days......oh He has!

I have resisted baked goods for almost 3 weeks (and baking for me is like therapy!!)
I now have to train myself to resist BUYING scrap stuff.....

Enough is enough, right? I have enough stuff already....

Kristy, if you are reading this.....Girl! You are gonna LOVE the box that is coming your way.

Okay, enough prattling on....I have a dinosaur book to read to the most patient 4 year old....

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Christy said...

Ah! I can't wait to get the box!! I'll let you know as soon as it arrives!!!!!

Having a spend freeze for vacations is great! At least you know you'll be having fun!! I loved living in the DC area. I wish we would have went down to Williamsburg though, when we lived in the area!

We loved goin to the museums and the zoo since it was all free!