Friday, June 30, 2006


The kids worked VERY hard on their homeschooling lessons, so their reward is go to see "CARS" today!

I think it'll be a Classic....Review will follow later. Posted by Picasa


Linda said...

Scott took Hannah to see it yesterday - he liked it, Hannah thought it was okay, but prefers the viewing comforts of home (you know, running around, not paying attention, laying on the floor, etc, etc). She liked it well enough, though!

Christy said...

We went and saw this today! Jack (2) fell asleep since he didn't have a nap before hand, he saw maybe 30 minutes total, although what he saw he liked! LOL Jacob cracked up the whole time. He loves everything about going to the movie's, especially the popcorn and HUGE Screen, as he's told me before! I liked it, I do think they could have done without the few minor cuss words and the far too many adult jokes, and the movie would have been still great and funny and just plain cute!

Jacob (5) said when we left he wished it was out on dvd so he could come home and watch it again! ROFL!!