Friday, June 02, 2006

my day so far

I got my husband out the door, with protein shake in 5:30-something
I tackled the dreaded sock basket....only to have it fill up again.
I washed (and folded) two more loads of laundry.
I hustled a teenager off to school, and threw away his favorite "I can't live without it" t-shirt.
I hugged sleepy-eyed kids after they stumbled down the stairs.
Emptied the dishwashers.
Had breakfast, surrounded by three completed jigsaw puzzles, with a stegosaurus staring at me.
Stepped on 3 matchbox cars.
Dealt with prank callers who wanted me to audition for "Girls Gone Wild." They hung up when I told them I was HOUSEWIFE and not the lonely kind....

Now I am off to finish packing the kids for their camping trip with Dad.
They're headed for the KOA....

Tonight, the house will be all mine. It will be scrapping and a chick movie. Regrettably no pizza or popcorn. But I will have a nice night to myself...

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