Saturday, June 17, 2006

on the way to the basement

My basement is dark, dismal, cramped, you can only stand up if you're less than 5'3" (I am
luckily 5'2")'s also where my scrapbook area is and where our cat lives.

In order to have a nicer, more organized psace for scrapping, Greg installed a peg board on the back of my desk. The back of it is brinw, which makes the stairwell seem even darker. Micaela and I have been painting it for months now. I painted white squares on it and we add words that "inspire" us. Obviously I miscalculated how long the word "create" would be. Hey, I ain't no engineer! We just did the "art" square today. Micaela lovingly colored in the actual flower. I think she did a great job, too.

It's not a pretty space. But I am blessed. I HAVE A SPACE. I know some girls who scrap out of a Sterilite container in the closet. I am grateful. And I make the best of what I have. I'll be honest though....I do get a bit envious when I see some of those fab scrap rooms. Like I saw Donna Downey's on her blog. MY oh my! I could LIVE in that room. It's so many other scrappers' room. But you know what they great equalizer is: we all create art....I think that is so stinkin' cool!

I am staying up late tonight to finish Greg's Father's Day card. I have not even wrapped his gifts yet. Talk about waiting till the last minute...What are you guys scrapping about? Did you make an album for your dad/husband?

Don't forget dads and your husband tomorrow. Make it special! Men like to be spoiled, too. We women don't have a monopoly on it. We're just BETTER at it...

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