Tuesday, June 27, 2006

picture of me and my sweetie

A horrible picture of me, but I have to share the love. I hate this picture of me though. That top is way too big on me and it looks AWFUL on me, but I had to wear it because I ruined the sweater that matched the skirt. OH THE DRAMA!!
Anyway, a nice kiss from m sweetie......I love that guy. This was taken at the wedding this past weekend. Weddings make me all goofy (and glad that I am married).
I know...you're thinking, "Girl, you're goofy already!" HA!
Oh and Greg is wearing the Father's Day tie the kids picked out for him. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are trying to convince yourself that you love this man. People that have secure mature and mutually satisfying relationships don't have a need to advertise them to the rest of the world. Exactly what does "I love this man mean?" Are you trying to con yourself and the rest of us that you are in the perfect relationship. Thats what it looks like and you are not a very good sales man. Be honest with yourself. Is your marriage what you thought it would be and what you want

SB said...

I posted this comment even though it irked me. Sounds like you're jealous. Yes, REAL people do "advertise". I am so blessed with this man in my life. I am not trying to CONVINCE anyone. It's just a fact of life for me. I had two very bad relationships that I thought ruined me forever, then I met my husband. I thank God that he's in my life. I do wonder though....why do you read my blog if you find it so nauseating?

You must be one of those women stuck in a loveless marriage.. I feel for you. I was in a marriage like that once and it makes me appreciate the love I have now so much more. It took me a LONG time to get here, lots of mistakes and heartbreak, but I have everything that I could ever want.

Anonymous said...

I love this picture too.

...and sorry, Ms. Anonymous, I'm just as happy as "sb".

I know it hurts others to see us so happy, but I'm not going to deny myself the opportunity to accept God's gifts, especially Suzanne. If you're stuck in a loveless marriage, I'm sorry. Maybe the both of you should spend some time in church exploring what God intends for couples. I never thought life could be so wonderful!!

What part of "I love this man" don't you understand? Maybe you're not married to a REAL man...maybe he just pretends...maybe he just looks at you like a piece of furniture or the maid. Maybe he prefers other men??? I don't know...but I'll bet YOU do. It's much easier to lob insults from the cheap seats than it is to examine your own marriage, isn't it? Maybe your marriage is as wonderful as ours, I really don't know...but YOU do, don't you?

Either way, we're happy...extremely happy...and it could have only been possible with God's blessing.

STUDY YOUR HISTORY!! The "Human Condition" SUCKS, but the human spirit, following HIS will finds the good in everything.

Take your bitterness, add a little "Splenda Plus"(it's all natural and fat free!!) and try to enjoy life a bit more, there's always something positive to see no matter where you look!!

I'll sign off with a Jonathan quote that I like to use when things look rough..."It could be worse...it could be YOUR Fault."

Think about it...

Greg, Suzanne's Husband and the luckiest man alive!!

Christy said...

Suzanne, I think it's wonderful that you post "I love this man" picture(s)...what's wrong with advertising our love for each other. The problem is that far too many people don't talk about how much they love their spouse and feel the joy they have about their spouse.

I am a better woman because of Chad. I do feel that he completes me and don't listen to Oprah and all her "experts" who themselves no nothing about successful marriages.

Funny how this person wants to critize you for being in love with your husband makes me want to do a "Dr. Phil"and ask them "how's that workin' for ya?"

God Bless

Linda said...

Bravo, Suzanne, Greg and Christy! I love my husband with all my heart as well...it sure is easier to lob anonymous insults to someone rather than take a deep heart-searching look inside to see what's wrong in one's life.

Bravo for the love you share and ADVERTISE!!!!