Monday, June 26, 2006

profiles reads, pervs and comments

I just looked at my stats, and since I started my blogs, my profile has been accessed 1496 times! WOW! That's a lot of clicks.....I feel so SPESHUL, ya know?

I love comments, I do. It's like fan mail. But recently something's been in the water and I have rec'd a high number of perv comments. Since I post pictures of my beautiful kids here, I regard this very seriously. I hate pervs. I hate pedophiles. And I don't want ANY of their kind cruising my blog. Since I can't stop them from looking, I have become more selective about publishing pictures of my children AND I have gone to a moderated comment status. This means if you say something even remotely rude, mean or perv-like, your comments will not be posted.

Just so you know, I am not afraid of rudeness. In fact, many days I embrace it. I am not always nice to be around. But this blog, and why I do it is about BEING POSITIVE and finding the good. Even if I have to dig a little. I am not uncomfortable with dissent. LOTS of people disagree with me. I am not bothered by that at all. What bothers me is cheap shots, insults and creepiness in general.

So if you wanna comment, knock yourself out.
Just know that I rule this blog, with an iron, perv-free fist.

Besides, I figure only nice people read about my life. I mean, who are you guys? Housewives, cube creatures, engineers, lawyers? I'd LOVE TO know who's reading about the mind-numbing minutiae that is my life. I mean, it's exciting as all get out for me, but I wanna know what YOU get out of it.

Now, I have steaks marinating and a cake to pop out of the oven. I may not be Martha but my cakes are quicker than hers and there are no leftovers EVER.

ta ta for now, folks.... Posted by Picasa


Scott B. said...

After all that went on on my blog this past week, I started looking at my own logs.

I also saw pervs but realized most of them found my site automatically via robots that crawl the web. I was able to add a simple program that forces them to bypass my site.

Christy said...

I don't blame you on this. It'd be nice sometimes to be able to make people ask for permission to view your blog!
On AOL there's an option to have a journal/blog private so only the people you want to read it, get to! It definately has it's perks and negatives.

Rebecca said...

Hi, I am a "non-perv" wife, mother, and mail carrier here reading your blog...haha. I occasionally browse random blogs whenever I get bored and felt the need to respond to this one. I am a fairly new blogger, so I haven't had any unfortunate run-ins with the pervs...yet. Thanks for the warning, though. I will be vigilant.