Monday, June 26, 2006

QVC strikes again

I am WEAK, I tell ya, W-E-A-K!
I bought these two items on QVC today.
I have been wanting the Alphabet Soup cans fora LONG time so I held off as long as I could......
I am again getting serious about my scrapbooking though. All I have been doing lately it seems is stuff for commission or EBay. I really miss just doing it for ME.
I may start my own One Page a Day Challenge. Just one page for myself then do the work stuff... I really gotta get back into it.
It's tough though, with field trips, homeschooling, the LAUNDRY (which multiplies while I sleep, I swear) and trying to create a loving home for us.....I don't have much time or energy leftover after all of my obligations.....Such is the life of a glamorous housewife!

Oh how I do love QVC. Always a good value and GREAT product.

Now I gotta get off this computer. We're havign company for dinner. I gotta shove stuff in closets and maybe vaccuum......Just maybe. It's just SGM Rock....he knows Martha doesn't live here!

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