Monday, June 26, 2006

say what?

Five Things I Say- A Meme ---tagged myself because I thought this was so darn cute.....and plus it gives you a glimpse into our daily life.

1. "I'm gonna kiss you apart." - This sounds like torture but it's not. It's just a way that we scoop the kids up and literally cover their faces/tummies with big loud kisses. They love it and they routinely "threaten" us with the same.

2. "You know I love you more than the moon, don't you?"- a term of endearment in our happy family. Sometimes we insert different words like dinosaurs, peanut butter, chocolate, Barbie, etc...I knew I was a special Mom when Adam told me that he loved me more than a T-Rex.

3. "I'll love you even if you do something wrong..."- Usually this is heard when the kids have done something wrong that I have not found yet and they've figured it's better to rat themselves out that have me find it and be upset. This is often heard when I am "helping" them clean their rooms. I think this one is important because kids think if they do something wrong or break something, that you'll stop loving them. I thought that as a kid, which is why I never would admit to things.

4. "Don't make me...come upstairs/kiss you apart/spank your hiney........" - Pretty self-explanatory.

5. "Why are you crying?"- I have found that if you can make the kid stop crying long enough to TELL you why they're crying, they usually won't start again. A tip I picked up from Super Nanny.

6. Adam's favorite one is "I love you all the way to a hundred." He's fascinated by numbers... Posted by Picasa

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