Monday, June 19, 2006

should I be worried?

My husband likes that show "Wife Swap"....should I worry??

I don't think I could handle doing it, ya know.....Swapping my life, which is a good life, for someone else. Can you imagine? With my luck, I'd probably get a dairy farmer who gets up at oh-my-gosh early and I'd have to milk cows or something.....Or I'd get a tattooed Harley riding mud wrestler.....or an ordinary life, like an accountant or an engineer, somewhere desolate like El Paso or Oklahoma.....

What would it be like to "swap" for 10 days? I love my life and I know my husband loves me. I don't think he'd want to trade me in. What would HE do if the swap wife didn't cook? Or she was smelly? You just never know what those kooky ABC people would come up with...they've switched Christians with Atheists, Tattooed Biker Moms with Homeschooling Moms.....what is they switched a super clean freak with someone who was bathing optional? yuck....

That show is always husband sure likes it......I don't know, should I be worried? They do pay the families like $20K each but it would take more than that to make me leave behind my family......even for just 10 days.

Nah, I'm not worried. I know Greg couldn't live without me.

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