Monday, July 10, 2006

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Worth reading. A beautiful trbute to REAL heroes. The reason I share this with you is two-fold. Primarily, I want to commend what these fine women are doing. It's a daunting task.
Also, the other day I posted a comment by SFC Marquez, a soldier who is in the Corp of Engineers at Fort Bragg. He said he knew what a REAL soldier was. So do I.

There are many who do not agree with my politics. There are some who are quite outspoken on their disgust over the Iraq war. That matters not to me. What matters to me is honoring and upholding the dignity of our men and women in uniform. It's vital, especially in wartime, that they know we support them.

Comments like that of SFC Marquez cheapen what our soldiers doing. I won't question a person's patriotism, and I don't like having my own questioned. Since I married my ARMY husband 7 years ago, I have become much more in touch with my sense of patriotism. The sight of a flag blowing in the wind is usually enough to reduce tme to tears on any given day. I have stood at a respectable distance and witnessed the burial of a fallen hero. (Arlington is one of my favorite places to visit, for many reasons.)

Even if you don't agree with our decision to be in Iraq, you simply must support our troops. Especially in prayer. Posted by Picasa

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Christy said...

Ok what entry did this guy show up in? I missed it to take a look at the link you have!

God Bless