Saturday, July 15, 2006

diet update

Things are going well on the "diet" (which to me, is really a life change). I am missing mashed potatoes though. Greg is still sticking to it, as well. We both FEEL healthier and we've both lost weight. Too bad food doesn't have an instantaneous effect. Like you'd eat a Big Mac and instantly your gut pops out. You sure wouldn't eat it again. But the damage we do to our bodies is slow and gradual, and it lulls you into thinking, "Oh this isn't that bad for me." The effect is truly scary.....I still miss bad food though. I smelled Oreos the other day and it was all I could think about for the following 48 hours and I don't even LIKE Oreos that much. (I didn't cave and eat any though.) We were naughty and had Chinese food while in DC on Friday. It was sooooo yummy. Posted by Picasa

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Party Girl said...

Yeah, the "life changes" hard sooooo hard. This is one time when I want the insta results.

...the photos pretty much sums how I want to act most days.