Friday, July 07, 2006

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I surf blog.....A LOT. Just ask my darling husband. he was aghast when he saw that I have like 130 blogs saved in my favorites. (In my defense, I don't read them ALL every day, just the Ever-Changint Top 10)...

I think this one will make into my Top 10 (now ain't that a dubious distinction....)
is written by Melodee (love the name AND the spelling) she's a wife (of 19 years, HOOAH!) and mom to four kids. AND she has not one but TWO very well-written blogs. (My question is does this woman sleep? She's a dynamo!) Her primary blog is and her ClubMom blog is at The Amazing Shrinking Mom.

Here is a recent entry on her Blog "The Amazing Shrinking Mom". Some of you men folk can tune out if hormonal talk bothers ya, but stick around if you wanna learn something. It really is interesting and TRUE (as I have learned on FPP. Sugar is evil for women with hormonal issues.)

What About PMS Binges?

You know how it goes. You're full of resolve and determination. The week is going well. Then suddenly, something springs loose inside and you're rifling through the cupboards in search of something crunchy and salty. When that's gone, you dig through the freezer looking for something smooth and creamy. You might even pull out your super-secret chocolate stash and inhale it.

Why? PMS. Premenstrual Syndrome, that lovely time of month when women experience a wide range of troubling symptoms, from headaches to irritability (that is an understatement!), food cravings to forgetfulness.

As of today, my premenstrual phase has ended for the month, and though I was as crabby as a napless toddler, I didn't struggle with any food cravings. (I used to. I'd cram hundreds of calories into my mouth before realizing the source of my frantic grazing.)

And now I know why. All the information I read on-line about battling PMS cravings points to avoiding junk food, including those comprised of refined, simple carbohydrates (such as cookies, chips, ice cream, candy, french fries, bread, Captain Crunch cereal with Crunch Berries). Since I have already eliminated those foods from my diet in my efforts to lose weight, I enjoy the added benefit of lessened PMS symptoms. Lucky me!

The Dole Diet Center says that some research suggests low calcium intake is linked to premenstrual symptoms. (A good source is non-fat dairy.) Magnesium seems to provide relief to women's migraines. (Almonds, spinach, green peas provide magnesium.)
Most importantly, it says that Premenstrual Syndrome cravings can be caused by a drop in blood sugar. The way to beat that? Stop eating snacks made with refined sugar, flour and potatoes (hello, Pringles!). Instead, eat complex carbohydrates and protein.

Those of you who have said, "I could stop eating if it weren't for PMS!", might consider changing your diet way before PMS starts and see how that affects your cravings. If you do, let me know!
Meanwhile, stay tuned here . . . on Official Weigh-In Thursday, I will announce a way twenty-five lucky participants can win a cool ClubMom prize. You do not want to miss that. Posted by Picasa


Rebecca said...

I, too, am a blog-aholic. Its kind of voyeuristic, only not in a perverted way, seeing as how people post these things on here with the purpose of letting us read them. Haha. My favorite blogs list grows longer by the day.
I am also adding this one, so....thanks.

Mel said...

Suzanne, thanks! What a nice post. I appreciate it.