Wednesday, July 12, 2006

helping girls get in touch with their inner slut

Also known as Back to School Shopping....

You're probaby thinking "it's mid-July, and she's doing BACK TO SCHOOL shopping??" but this is the time to get jeans for dirt cheap, so I do the majority in the summer and buy shoes the week before classes begin.

Let me first say that I like shopping. I grew up spoiled and had a STUFFED closet. My daughter, who will be 6 next month, does not lack for wardrobe choices. What the stores lack is responsible conservative clothing choices that a mother like me can feel comfortable with. I almost flipped out yesterday in Target when I saw some of the items that they'll be showcasing for the coming "Back to School" season. I am not kidding, off the shoulder disco looking silver lame' tops and dresses with spaghetti straps. TACKY and slutty were the first words that sprang to mind. After an encounter with an actual pedophile in Wal-Mart, I re-evaluated my kids' clothing choices, which were always conservative to begin with, but after that became even more reserved.

Now, don't get me wrong, I don't dress Micaela as if she's an Amish child. I do allow her to look cute! But I don't dress her in clothing that looks like a pedophile's fantasy. I find it very frightening how designers for small children have decided to sexualize our kids even more. It scares the crap outta me. And since it's everywhere (media, print TV, in our school hallways, etc.) we've become numb to it. We're de-sensitized to the fact that it's so easy for an 11 year old to dress like an 18 year old!

Micaela will undoubtedly consider herself scarred for life when she realizes how un-cool mine and her father's way of thinking is. Peer pressure is a pain. But I am her mother, and therefore, charged with her safety and well-being.

A few months ago, my supersonic Fragile X hearing revealed to me that the other moms in the kindergarten group were making fun of me for being so protective of Micaela (not even letting her attend Daisy Girl Scout meetings alone, chaperoning any/all field trips, etc). They laughed behind my back, not knowing I could hear them. Instead of making a scene, I calmly told them of my pedophile encounter and explained to them that nothing, certainly not fashion nor popularity, were more important than my children's safety. One of these ladies actually said to me, "Suzanne, you have to let her breathe! She needs room to run and play and make her own decisions." SHE IS NOT EVEN 6 YET. I make her decisions for her. Sadly, this woman and her child found out the hard way. They were at a park and her daughter was off playing alone and unsupervised and was molested by an evil man. I will do everything I can to protect my children and that includes clothing them properly and decently.

I wish fervently that designers would RESPECT that many parents do not buy fashions that cheapen our children. It's hard to shop nowadays and find clothing that is suitable for the child's actual age.

Ohay, I will get off of my soapbox. I have lots more to say but I have a homeschooling lesson to prepare. Posted by Picasa

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Christy said...

No need to climb down off the soap box. I 100% agree. It's disgusting the styles they have for little girls today. I really, really dislike the pants and shorts with the writing on the bottom. It's disgusting to me personally. What disturbs me even more so is that there are parents out there buying them.

It is a hard fact of life this mom unfortunately had to learn, so very sad that.

Good job for protecting your children. At 6 they need to be protected.

God Bless