Saturday, July 29, 2006

LO 3

My most embellished page of the day. (and yes, that banner is slightly crooked, but I don't care...) It's from Adam's 4th birthday back in May.
Man, time flies...I can't believe my BABY is 4 now. He's rocking the homeschooling. I can't wait till it's just he and I next year. I am going to fill that boy's brain! I have already enrolled him in some science classes at a center in Ashburn for this Fall.....I can't wait! He even get his own labcoat...

You know......I just don't feel like putting anything down on paper lately.
I wouldn't say I am in a funk, but every since the Mother's Day Jonathan Meltdown/Ass Whooping, I just have a hard time focusing on scrapbooking.... Since Jonathan's meds are back online, I think this dark scrapping cloud is passing....Greg is leaving town for 4 days next week so I intend to scrap every night (if I get the laundry done in time).....

My next BIG project is an anniversary album for Greg. We celebrate 7 years next month and I want to show him (in pictures) how much I love him.....I am also FINALLY about to start my scripture album. I have had this in my head for over a year, I've been wanting to start it. Now after attending Women of Faith, I just have to do it while I am still flying high!

Now no more scrapping for me, my kids want to be fed......

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