Monday, July 10, 2006

Monday morning

It's 0740 on Monday morning, Jonathan is on his way to school. Micaela is awake and sunny. Adam is still zonkarooed. My thoughts turn to my friend Linda, who I think left Germany yesterday and is bound for the States, to KS, where her new home awaits. I am sending prayers up for her and her family! Linda is my friend, she's a fellow ARMY wife and our husbands are in the same field, so she and I have a lot in common. PCS'ing can quite a stressful time and I know Linda has her hands full. May God bless her in her travels......and keep her safe so she can get back to the Land of Target and Chik-Fil-A!

My mission for today:

* To fold and put away the laundry, a daunting task but it must be done!
* to FINALLY get Christy's over-stuffed box on its way to Germany (I kept adding things to it)
* to find a super recipe for zucchini bread (Lillian's garden volunteers gave me a giant zuke and I think it deserves to be made into bread!)

But most importantly, today is homeschooling: Art, Math and writing!

Now I am outta here. Gotta start this day....

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Christy said...

Ok woman quit stuffing my box! ROFL! I keep getting worried that the post office lost it! LOL

I hope you had a wonderful Monday!

Oh btw, Linda left VERY,VERY early Saturday morning, so she's been in the states now for over 24 hrs! I didn't get to see her one last time (I was at the eye dr) and wanted to give her a hug and didn't get to....:(