Sunday, July 09, 2006

the return of Lillian

My neighbor, Lillian, is coming back. This little lady is about 85 years old and she's a spitfire. She was born and raised here in P'Ville and knows everything about everyone.

She fell and broke her pelvis a few months back and has been in rehab for months. She's one of those types who never sits still so it must have been hard for her to be on bedrest for months on end. My kids (and I) adore her. Since both sets of grandmothers live very far away, she's a stand-in grandma-type. She's a lovely woman and I love hearing her stories. The kids and I were happy to hear that she's returning home in 1 1/2 weeks! She sits on her back porch and we visit her from time to time.

This sunflower is one of many from her fabulous garden. While she's been away, a slew of volunteer kept her garden in tip-top shape. Her sunflowers stand about 8 feet tall. They're HUGE! Of course, now my kids wants sunflowers, too....

Happy day (so far...) Posted by Picasa


Suburban Turmoil said...

She sounds great! My grandmother had a neighbor like that, whom I have known all my life. I miss her now that my grandmother's moved in with my mom.

Christy said...

The sunflower makes me think of's the Kansas State flower! :) It's wonderful that Lillian is coming home!

Party Girl said...

I LOVE sunflowers.

Sunflowers and daises.

I think they are the happiest and friendliest of flowers.

That is a lovely post about, Lillian. You should share it with her. I know how much people mean to me, but I don't always share it with the person who I feel it for. I'm sure she would love to see this.