Saturday, July 01, 2006


it's Saturday morning, a normally busy time anyhow, but today is's RESPITE DAY!! This is the day when Greg and I get to spend 5 kid-free hours together. Usually we end up doing ordinary things but today, we're going to EXPLORE....

I love just hanging out with Greg. He makes me happy. He's someone I like to be around. I think even if I weren't married to him, I would like him. He's a likable sort.

It's 4th of July weekend. I love this holiday. I love my country. I hope to BBQ this weekend, maybe smoke some ribs. Maybe scrapbook, too.

Home of the Free BECAUSE of the Brave.

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Scott B. said...

Wow! 5 hours! Tell me what its like, will ya?

Ya'll are a cute couple and I'm thankful to God that you met him.


Christy said...

that's wonderful that you got 5 hrs of respite!! Hope it was enjoyable time! :)