Tuesday, July 11, 2006

self-portrait Tuesday

I rarely post pictures on SPT because my fancy camera does not have a timer...
but my 4 year old LOVES to mess with my camera so he snapped one. Adam will someday be a great photograher, I just know it.
Anyhow, I am rarely IN the picture. I hate to have my picture taken. Maybe I was part of the Aborigines in a past life, who knows? But I hate having my picture taken. Today I got my hair cut so I allowed Adam to take my picture....
It might sound funny but I actually like this picture. Hate the crooked smile (effect from a long-ago stroke) but I like my laugh lines. I do. I like 'em. When my mom visited back in May, I took her pictures and she has the most beautiful laugh lines. I think it's the most beautiful thing: laugh lines. It means you're happy (which most days, I am). Posted by Picasa


Party Girl said...

Okay, see, here's the thing, I didn't even notice the 'crooked smile.' Even after you mentioned it, I went and rechecked the photo, nope, don't see it.

I always find it funny who we see ourselves to how others see us.

Laugh lines, laugh 'em. They show history. A face without history is a face without a story, who wants that?

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you do often.

Scott B. said...