Wednesday, July 12, 2006


BY THE WAY............

it's Wonderful Wednesday. Do something wonderful for someone today. Someone you love, someone you miss, maybe even a total stranger. It can be something small like a card or something bigger.

The kids and I are making homemade oatmeal cookies and inviting a neighbor over for tea. This is a neighbor we really like. Her name is Anne and her husband fell ill some months ago. He's now in a nursing home and she's adjusting to life without him. Thay've been married 52 years. She has great stories. She's a lovely lady.

So, go something wonderful for someone today! You won't regret it! Next Wednesday someone might pick YOU!

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Party Girl said...

This is such a great idea.

I was feeling like everyone, myself included, was feeling a little too serious and well, just plain pissy lately. So, today I started, The Power of One Wednesdays.
The need to show we all do matter and we all do make a difference.

I love your idea!

It's like that commercial, I don't even know what it's for. But one person does a random act, another person sees it, and they pass it on. Great message!