Monday, July 17, 2006

the wisdom of Monday

Picture: this is Greg's next project.....(minus the pegs on the bottom) It's for Micaela's room. It gives her a place to showcase her MANY drawings and doodles. (I am proud that my fridge is COVERED with her art....but she needs her OWN space.)

Today is Monday. I was supposed to get things done today. It didn't really happen that way.
Went to gas up in Winchester (12 miles from home and 30 cents per gallon cheaper, go figure) Then headed into Super Wal-Mart.....then explored a new store called Martin's. They carry the 100% pure cranberry juice that Greg and I are addicted to. It's expensive and hard to find. Our local store has it for $7 per bottle, Martin's has it for $5.46. I am so easy to please!

Jumped SGM Rock's battery today. With his and my husband's help, I learned where my battery is. I've owned my car for almost 2 years and I now know how to open the hood AND I know where the battery is. He laughed at me because he asked me to hold the still-connected jumper cables and I must have this horror-filled look on my face because he reassured me that I would okay. I don't do mechanical. This is one of those things on which I am a firm believer in the Division of Labor. I am female and therefore, generally speaking, NON-mechanical oriented. There are probably a few of you out there who know what manifolds are, or can locate our own batteries or can change your own tires. I ain't one of 'em. I cook, occasionally clean, heap loads of love and affection on people, but I don't do machines. I am gripped by a fear that if I operate them in the wrong way, they will undoutedbly blow up. I don't mind not knowing. This is why there are men in the world. That and to reach things beyond the scope of my step-ladder.

I just found out that a women I attend church with has been diagnosed and is undergoing treatment for breast cancer. I am conversant with all of the facts and statistics, but what do i say? I am sending her a card and the kids and I bought her a lovely plant that we're re-potting today. But what do I SAY?? I want to offer support and comfort. I am stumped......She's a wonderful Godly woman. She's one of the sorts who looks 16 and she's really in her 40's. She's beautiful. I don't like to think of her suffering.

I discovered today that Adam can write 23 out of 26 letters. I am so terribly proud of him. Homeschooling rocks!

The song I can't get out of my head: MercyMe "The Change inside of Me." Man, that song really hits me hard and lifts me up. But I will share that story on another's a good story.

Now....I gotta go. One of my many jobs in this happy home is magician. I am getting ready to go make some magic with some boneless chicken breasts. I'm going to turn them into something that is worthy of my husband's oohing and aahing..

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Linda said...'s where we part ways...I am ALL ABOUT the mechanical...I was an auto mechanic in my AF life (a LONG time ago, before computers took over the cars). I know where the manifold is, know what a U-joint is for, tie-rods...can change my oil, tires, batteries...can jumpstart any car (as long as I remember the order of the cables)...and used to even know the firing order of pistons on an 8-cylinder engine, lol!

But you're better at a lot of stuff than I am...I am master of nothing...but I know enough to be dangerous about WAY TOO MUCH little stuff...Fount of useless knowledge, lol!

YAY to Adam! Happy Birthday to Jonathan!

SB said...

Linda, does this mean we're not cosmic twins after all?

I didn't learn to pump gas until I had Jonathan! I was 19!! I was spoiled and sheltered from these things. I have never even mowed a lawn.


Christy said...

Make sure this lady from church can even HAVE plants. When Jordyn was alive and going through chemo and radiation we were told no plants, because of the dirt and possible infections.

Now as far as being mechanically inclined. If I HAD to I could probably change my tire, but see no point since I can call and have someone come do it for me for free! I can jump start someone, I've done that a few times, I can check my oil,and with my first car my dad made me learn how to change it, but this one's much harder to get to so either when Chad's home he does it or I have a mechanic do point in getting myself all dirty! LOL I admit I like being a girl and letting a man just do these dirty jobs! :)

SB said...

thank you Christy. I had not even considered the possibilty that she might not be able to HAVE a plant. I will check first.

Thanks for the advice.