Sunday, August 27, 2006

7 years ago

It was seven years ago that my life changed. I married my husband, Greg.
It was a Friday afternoon, a hot day in August in Alabama. And it was a happy day. I wore the same dress that I had met him in.

We knew once we met that we could never be sounds a little Harlequin-ish to say that, but it's so true. He was stationed at Ft Rucker when we met and fell in love. I left behind my whole life in Texas to be with him, and marry him. I knew that it was a huge risk, but I've never ever regretted doing it. I left the only home I'd ever known (and my life in Texas near immediate family) and all of my friends and support system for this man that truthfully, I barely knew. My family thought I was crazy. Even my best friend looked me in the eye and "Suz, are you sure?"

But you know when you know. And I knew. I knew that he was THE ONE. We'd spent a few weekends together and we just fit together perfectly. That's not to say that there weren't adjustments and differences. (it's not if you fight, it's how you argue and solve problems that matters.)

Before we got married on that August day, we decided that there would be no divorce, EVER. We'd both been there. We were committed right from the start, for better or for worse. We'd had some challenges (raising Jonathan, having Micaela diagnosed in utero, being scared to have yet another child, military moves, promotions, health issues, etc). But through it all, I know he's THE ONE. And he knows that about me, too.

All of those naysayers were wrong.
God brought us together and we are still in love.
And it's been 7 great years. Posted by Picasa

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Scott B. said...

Happy anniversary to you both.