Monday, August 14, 2006

aaahhhh how sweet he is.

As I shared my morning snuggle with Adam this morning, he and I had a serious conversation:

Adam: I love you all the way to a trillion (and he proceeds to count backwards from 10...)

Suzanne: All the way from a trillion...? That's a lot of love, Boo....

A: I couldn't be me without a Mommy. (I started to get all emotional at this point)

S: Well, what good is a Mommy? I mean, what do Mommies do? (He then looked at me like I was the stupidest person on Earth)

A: need a mommy to wipe you.

S: Uh huh.....and?

A: And Mommies do all the cooking, and ALL of the shopping. And they give you cookies if you kiss them.

S: sounds good.....(smiling from ear to ear)

A: And Moms buy you Batman bandaids. And they smell your feet. Even when they stink.

S: it's a great gig if you can swing it.

A: And they love you even when your room is messy.

So there you have it......that's what I do. I cook, shop, wipe butts and smell stinky feet.
He captured my "job description" perfectly, don't you think? Posted by Picasa


Sue said...

Awww Suzanne, still wonderful to hear he loves you THAT much :). I love it :)

Linda said...

how totally sweet! Your kid is great - you need to scrap that entire converstation, you know...maybe with a picture of his smelly feet, lol!

BTW - I call Scotty Boo, too! Or Bugaboo...or lately, just Bug, lol!

Party Girl said...

when my brother first started dating, his now wife, I hooked them up, she had a 3 year old from a previous relationship. I told him with Catie asks you to wipe her butt, your in.

He was SO very happy when that day came. No, seriously, he was.

Christy said...

ROFL! That's great!!! It's one of those sweet, honest moments!