Monday, August 07, 2006

the burning question

It's on my mind today.....Maybe you've tackled this. If so, PLEASE respond. I need your input!

Is it better to do laundry every day or pile it up and use ONE entire day to do it?

The reason it's an issue today is because I am doing laundry yet again.....and Micaela said today that she hates laundry. So do I, but it's part of my job as the mom and house-wife. So it begs the question: do it everyday or allow the pile-up? I feel almost guilty asking my husband for help. I do on occasion ask him, but he works hard at his job and then has an extreme commute. So I want to find a better solution.

Thanks for your input. If I cannot find a solution, I might consider disposable clothing (joking)..... Posted by Picasa

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Linda said...

I've always been the "once a week" type. In Germany, it was better that way, but then again, I had 6 washers/dryers to use, so I could run 5 loads at once and then dry them all. What sucked was all the folding, but better to do it all at once (including SOCKS!). But here, the W/D are easily accessible, and if it's really necessary, I'll do a load. But I'd rather do it all on one doesn't REALLY take up your entire day, unless you let it.