Monday, August 07, 2006

fun fun fun

As promised, here are a few of the slip and slide pictures. Adam loved the slide. Micaela was a bit more hesitant. She would run full force then stop right before she had to drop to her belly and slide.

Not Adam, he's fearless...

This is both good and bad. The other day at the pool, on Fun Day, he was preparing to dive off one of the life guard towers when he caught him. He's just like his dad! Greg says that this will be good for him if he want to go Airborne. (Greg completed both Airborne and Air Assault schools. He did Air Assault school in AK when Adam was only 5 weeks old. Those were some sleepless nights: up with a newborn, playing with a toddler and my husband rapelling out of helicopters....!)

Anyhow, we're off and running. We are going to a PYO (pick your own) farm for apples. If we pick enough, I am making a pie! Anyone want to come over for a slice? Well, it's not really pie. It's more of a cobbler. Super Easy. It's from a friend's super-secret recipe book. She said her grandmother would disown her if she found out that she was sharing it....I'll share the recipe later. I want to make Greg something special. he's working his butt off in the heat all this week so he deserves something yummy. I'll share the recipe if you would like.....

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The Carneal Family said...

I would LOVE to come join you for some apple pie! Your blog is like catching up with a good friend. Thanks for sharing your life!

Sheri Carneal
(another military spouse, scrapbooker, fellow Christianstamperscrapper....)

Linda said...

you KNOW I'll take that recipe...except I'll be the only one to eat it. Wish I could go to a PYO...I always loved picking apples, and blueberries, and strawberries, and...well ANY fruit I'm allowed to pick and eat is great for me!