Saturday, August 12, 2006

fun on Saturday

just returned home from BOWLING with the kids. Man, they LOVE bowling. It's such a great activity for ALL of them. I mean, what sport can YOU think of that is fun (and appropriate) for a very intelligent 4 year old and a sometimes barely-involved mentally retarded 18 year old.....and everyone in between...

BOWLING rocks for our lil family!

Micaela is a total shark. She comes on all sweet then she clobbers you with her aim. But we're onto her tactics. She disarms you with the dimples and before you know it, she's 20 points ahead.

Now, it's yardwork and landscaping on a grand scale.....I will have BIG "before/after" pictures later on.....Now, I am off to work on the yard!! Posted by Picasa

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