Wednesday, August 16, 2006

good readin'

go to and read a great post titled "Barbie, Bratz, and Bling (I Blame Paris Hilton)" It's second one down. It's soooo good! I hate those dolls and what they represent to girls.

You guys KNOW what a freak I am about security and safety of children. I think encouraging our daughters to dress like this is criminal. True, no one holds a gun to a Mom's head and MAKES her buy one, but the advertising of these products is relentless.

A few months ago, Micaela (who just turned 6) was invited to a Bratz party. The invitation clearly stated, "Wear your Bratz clothing, bring your doll and get ready to "get down and get nasty".....These girls do not have their own money. It's Moms who BUY THIS CRAP for them and I will not be one of them. I was "gentle" when I called in my daughter's RSVP and when she asked me why, I told her why. I was respectful but very firm..You know what she said to me, "Oh Suzanne, loosen up....." Her daughter is a sweet girl and it makes me sad that she's going to think it's okay to dress like that, act like that and BE like that.

You might be thinking, "it's just a doll!!!" but it's more than that. Even if it were just the doll, isn't that enough? These dolls are slutty, skanky and wholly improper. Would you want your daughter dressed like that?

Okay, I gotta stop writing and go have a cup of tea...I get WAY too worked up about this stuff. But it matters. It matters to me. Posted by Picasa


Christy said...

Suzanne I truly applaud you for not taking your sweet daughter to that party to dress up like well prostitutes imo. Those are the worst dolls out there, but what kills me is that parents are BUYING them. My husband's sister's daughters have them and one yr for Christmas we asked Chad's mom for some idea's and she suggested that...Chad told her no way would we EVER buy her one of those dolls. She didn't understand why! It kills me that so many parents just don't care and are completely oblivious.

Lucille said...

Oh I agree! I don't understand the draw of those dolls. They really are skanky looking. And you said the girl with the party was SIX? Parents are so odd these days. I mean, to tell you to loosen up? Really, we're talking little girls... those Bratz dolls are so stupid.

Now truthfully I grew up with Barbies. But I don't know, you know there are people who have a Barbie hangup too... I didn't end up growing up with body image problems becuz of them or anything... Still, you put those two dolls side by side, there is an extreme difference.

And then you have the American Girl dolls, which in my opinion, if you're going to follow the whole consumer mindset, the trend, then girls that age should be playing with American Girl dolls...

But when you come right down to it, it's all about consumerism, marketing... and like you said, it's the parents... We are adults. We should be able to stand firm...

And you did! And I think that's great! (Who'd want to send their child to a party that was announcing that they were going to 'get nasty'... What does that MEAN anyway???)