Friday, August 11, 2006

Greg's Habitat for Humanity experience

I feel like it should be Greg writing this but he's not much for blogs.
I have to give a bit of history/explanation here.....Since we are a homeschooling bunch in this house, we feel compelled to "do good" so every Wednesday is what we call "Wonderful Wednesday". We do something that will be a blessing to someone else. Sometimes, it's a small thing, other times, it's a bigger activity. Last week, during the Heat Wave, the kids and bought 2 12 packs of ice cold water bottles and passed them out to people on the streets, lawn-mowing crews, people in need. A small thing, but it was Wonderful to them....

Well, it's been Wonderful Wednesday all week long for Greg.

He took a week's leave from his job and volunteered through our church to join Habitat for Humanity/Thrivent Builds, right close to home. Initially, he planned on joining a group down in the Katrina-ravaged areas of Mississippi but it worked out that he could volunteer locally.

He was so excited (and a bit nervous) at the beginning of the week. But he felt called to do this. It's important to him....and he's been enjoying it. I don't think he want to be a construction worker after ARMY retirement though....

I met the family whose house Greg is working on. A lovely woman, Meagan, and her two daughters, Logan and Kyla. Her girls were beautiful and so articulate. They were very excited about being homeowners. Meagan already has her kitchen colors picked out and the girls know what posters they want on their walls. Meagan talked about how exciting it was to watch her own house from the ground up. How many people can say they actually built their own house? Pretty cool.....

It was so nice meeting them, because when you donate money anonymously, you don't get really get to see whose life you're improving. You don't get to hear the stories. I think Greg's heart is biger because of this whole experience. Mine is too. (I intend to print off the high resolution prints of these shots -and others- and give them to Meagan.)

If you want to learn more about Habitat for Humanity/Thrivent Builds, go to the following site and you can get information about a project in your area. or

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