Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I started!!

One done.
37 more to go...

This doesn't mean any of my Challenge pages will be fancy. NOPE! I am not a fancy scrapper. I am all about the pictures....I hated to actually WRITE on this page...I don't like my handwriting. (I couldn't find my Heidi Swapp book about loving my writing, so I said "I'll just wing it"....Big mistake..) Most of my sisters have beautiful penmanship, not me. My handwriting is downright ugly. Oh well, maybe I'll make that my next goal.....One thing at a time.

The picture was just taken last week, by my husband. It's a birthday tradition that he takes each child out fishing alone on their birthday. Lucky all of the kids are summer babies so this is easy to do. Micaela loved it! She even touched a fish. We are not meat heavers so there are no worms involved. (Thank God! I don't like worms anymore than I like snakes, lizards or slugs...)

It's late and I know I won't sleep much. Greg is TDY (Ft Bliss) for a few days. I don't sleep well when he's gone. But I did talk to him tonight and he called me "sweetheart". I am a sucker for that stuff....

G'night all..... :) Posted by Picasa

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Party Girl said...

Very nice.

Stop putting your handwriting down. It's lovely.