Saturday, August 26, 2006

my Saturday

It's been a day of fun.
First I scrubbed my bathtub. You can't get much more glamorous than that, eh?
It really REALLY needed it. I can't remember when I last did it, if ever, since moving into this house.. Sad but true. Luckily, it wasn't my housekeeping skills that made my husband decide he couldn't live without me. I'm NOT a great housekeeper.

We took the kids, big and small, to see an encore screening of "Cars" at the cheaper for families $2.50 theater in Winchester....Greg and Jonathan had not seen it and they both loved it! I can't wait for the DVD to get here. I pre-ordered mine and got a $10 gift card to (which I intend to donate to a needy family at Christmas through our church)...

Then it was yummy Chinese take-out......oh, I love that! And now, it's sleepy kids (hopefully) and a quiet house....

A good day, all in all. Tomorrow it's church and housework. What's new with you? Posted by Picasa

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Linda said...

We had a playdate at my friend Sandra's house. I SO envy her house - it's HUGE, an old castle-like thing on post! Oh, but I DO NOT envy having to clean it, though! We then came home, nap for the boy, computer games for the girl, and a much needed "me" trip to the px and commissary. Then we went to a new Mexican restaurant (there aren't many here - we've only been to one other one) which was GOOD and had foods we ALL enjoyed (hard to feed Hannah most stuff). Then Sonic for dessert (shakes for everyone but me - I broke down and got the Brownie Blast). And you know the REST of the night.