Wednesday, August 02, 2006

what is wrong with this picture?

The other day, Andrea Yates verdict was passed down: Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity.

I don't want to debate whether or not she was truly mentally ill. My personal opinion is that she KNEW what she was doing was wrong. I don't think she was as whacked out as her defense team would have us believe. There was so much wrong with this crime that it boggles my mind. In all of the discussions, you know what people don't really talk about?

The kids.

They're secondary to their mother's mental problems. There are 5 dead children because of this woman. She should pay with her life. I posted an entry the day of the verdict and it was just awful. I was crying when I wrote it. And I immediately got hate mail, saying "How can you call yourself a Christian when you want to kill her for what she didn't mean to do?"

Didn't mean to do????? You can't be serious. This woman PLANNED this. She waited and planned. She'd had plans for a long while to kill the kids and she waited for her husband to leave that day and she started in the rampage that would end 5 beautiful lives. She methodically executed these kids. When one of them escaped, she chased him down. She admitted that in her intial confession, saying that he'd run away but "I got him". She is a monster through and through.

I watched CNN's Nancy Grace last (who generally annoys me) but I couldn't turn it off after I saw the Yates footage. It's just heartbreaking. And to think she could get out just angers me to no end. Her trusting sweet children, who were innocent, are gone, but she will eventually walk the streets. How can a judge say she's no threat to anyone? SHE KILLED FIVE PEOPLE!

If this had been a black man who'd lost his job and his wife was at work at her cashier job, and he'd drowned their 5 kids, do you think we'd see this attention? This misplaced sympathy? No, I don't think so....I want justice for those kids. And before you send me hate mail, I do know the difference between justice and vengeance. I don't think there should be ANY sympathy for people who kill, harm, abuse or torture children. NONE. ZIP. ZERO......

I know that there are those who say the "system" failed her (partly true) , her husband should not have left her alone (I agree) and she was truly ill (I don't agree completely).....but she had the chance to act and she did it. If she thought she was a bad mother, why didn't she just kill herself? As far as the "system" not working, I believe that. In fact, my Jonathan had the same doctor she did and that guy is a moron. He always rushed us in and out in like 5 minutes, never listening fully.

But still.......she had those thoughts for TWO YEARS and she waited, planning and she pulled it off. And no one is concerned about justice for those kids. She might have been sick but I, for one, cannot see past her actions. Posted by Picasa


Christy said...

I agree and disagree with you. One of my closest friends dealt with PPD after the birth of her 2nd child and she said that although she never felt like she would hurt her children, there were times where she just didn't care about anyone, including her children and this comes from a woman who I'd put up against ANY mother in the world for how much she loves her babies.

I think honestly the person most to blame in this is her husband. The drs told HIM how sick she was, that she should not have any more children, that she should NOT be left alone.

I do think there has to be a degree though that she KNEW what she was doing and that she KNEW it was wrong. I mean these were her babies and the fact that the older children had to have fought her.

It truly seems unimaginable and I just honestly can't imagine and don't want to know what was going through her head.

I will say this...I'm thankful that I'm not the one who ultimately has to judge her....God alone will give the most righeous of judgements for her.

Oh to the person who asked how you can be a Christian if you believe in the death question to them is "Have you READ the bible???"

LizzieDaisy said...

I often think that myself ("Have you read the Bible?!") about many "Christians" I know. Not that I don't screw up plenty, cause I do. Oh, and don't ever try to understand insanity. It's a scary thing...

A reminder, an eye for an eye and all the killing was in the Old Testament. Jesus brought us something new - mercy. That said, justice in my own mind would be her staying in jail forever, living with a lot of women who hate her for having taken her children's lives and thinking about her children being dead by her own hand. Don't think for a second that ending her suffering by killing her is justice. It is not, especially when she can be truly sorry at this point, repent, and still go to heaven. Also, I don't see how killing someone can make someone feel better... just lowers us to their level. You know? Anyway, strongly believe in leaving the real justice to God and leaving his commandments in place. But that's me.

Dunno if that made sense or helped any, but I tried. :)