Thursday, August 03, 2006


I didn't clean tonight. Blew that idea out of the water when two Netflix DVDs rolled in....
I love Netflix. I do.....Greg and I rarely get to go out. The last movie we thought was worth paying money to see in the theater was "The Passion".
Plus I have a verrrry quirky taste in movies, which is why I love Netflix.... Both Greg and I are foreign film buffs (I am convinced he has become a fast reader due to the sub-titles....wanna hear something funny? I speak Spanish fluently and can't NOT read the english sub-titles. I read them even though I know what they're saying! How weird is that??)
Anyhoo.......2 movies today. One of which I had been waiting's a documentary (another thing I can thank Greg for: I now like documentaries. Go figure.) This one was "9/11" and no, not the crap from Michael Moore. The documentary that started out as a film about a FDNY probie and turned into a documentary about 9/11. It's 2 hours well spent. It's gritty, hard to watch and I cried for most of it. But it was worth watching. It's the only film done from the outside in. Meaning the guys filming actually fimed the 1st plane hitting the towers, then rushed into the 1st Tower side by side with the firefighters and stayed with them through it all. It has footage (and commentary) you'd never be able to see or hear on TV.
I think firefighters are some of the bravest souls out there. I rank them right up there with soldiers.....
It was definitely worth watching. It's one I would even own. Greg and I have an extensive DVD collection, but it has to be pretty special for us to actually buy it. This one, I would buy.
I give it 5 stars. I also highly recommend Netflix. I love that set-up. Before I joined it, I was Queen of the Late Fees! No more.... Posted by Picasa

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