Friday, August 25, 2006

You want to read an amazing blog post? Go to Intent - 30 Days of Nothing.
Go read it if you haven’t yet.
I couldn't turn away from it. It's like a blazing arrow in my heart. It goes right for what I was talking about last week: when enough is enough. I have turned away from consumerism in my scrapbooking hobby, can I do it in the rest of my life, too? I am seriously going to try. I feel weak just thinking about it.....I grew up so spoiled. My parents gave me so much and I, in turn, give my kids lots of nice things (mostly bought from thrift stores but still, it's "stuff")
I have too much of everything, if you think about it...
I really wish there was a switch I could flip and not want more, even when I have enough.
Like when your stomach is pleasantly full, and you know you've eaten enough....but you look at your plate....and you still keep eating, and you want more, more, more, more and even more....It's like gluttony in my soul. So that post and a few others really have me thinking......
The woman who writes that blog is a wonderful writer. I am going to start visiting her daily. Posted by Picasa


falwyn said...

Thank you so much for sharing this. It is intriguing, to say the least. I have a book on hold at the library: Not buying it : my year without shopping, by Judith Levine. The whole topic is troubling, but important.

Kristy said...

Working on the consumer issue is always hard, why do we buy... I just bought two magazines today, one was for a book I am working on and was a needed (and I mean needed purchase) the second was well... I am here may as well. what a waste.

I just read about something called the compact which is a year of buying nothing... interesting thought.