Friday, September 01, 2006


For the "Use it Up" challenge, here is LO #11.
Micaela's 1st day of Kindergarten. It's so sad that it took me a YEAR to get to this picture...

I was planning on using the most adorable polka dotted ribbon on this LO (because Micaela's personality is verrrry polka dotted, if you know what I mean) but an unnamed 6 year old girl in my house used all of it up!! GGGrrrrr. this is a distinct disadvantage of sharing my space. Bad enough there's a smelly ill-tempered CAT there, but now someone's stealing my ribbon???

I am not scrapping well in these past few days. Still trying to recover from the doozy curveball that life has thrown me....but I am coping. Scrapping helps. And chocolate. Posted by Picasa

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