Monday, September 04, 2006


Again with the under-embellishment...
I have a HUGE blow-up of this picture, as it's one of my personal favorites...I love seeing Adam in action.
Great news!! I am 80% done with the major scrap space cleaning....what this means for me is that I know where stuff is now, so I CAN USE IT UP....A few TDY's coming up plus BACK TO SCHOOL will enable me to do some more scrapping....but no more scrapping until I get AT LEAST one week's worth of homeschooling lessons printed and organized. NO laziness this year. I truly owe this to Adam. It's the first year of just and he and I alone together. I am so excited. Homeschooling just works for him, you know? Might not always be what we choose but for now, he's enjoying it and so am I.

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stefanie said...

Cuteness! Just so you know, there is nothing wrong with under-embellishing! :) I'm prone to clean pages as well and sometimes ya just don't need a bunch of stuff! Love your blog!