Saturday, September 09, 2006


Keeping up with the "Use it Up" Challenge....but I am just not using up my supplies like I NEED to....I can't bring myself to be all doo-daddey (which I KNOW is not a word)....I am so much about the pictures, barely about the journaling and so NOT about the doodads anymore...

So how did I ACCUMULATE this much stuff?

by being a scrapbooking product whore....


I apologize for the language but I couldn't think of any other way to put. I am constantly nagging Micaela not to fall prey to the fierce and cleverly directed media blitz of products such as Bratz dolls (which really should be called Slutz) and look at what I did to my scrap hobby. I just bought and bought and bought, because someone else and their clever advertising campaign said I needed it.....I hate that! I fell prey to the very thing I am trying to steer my daughter clear of.

I don't overbuy in any other area of my life, so why scrapbooking? Why do I HAVE TO HAVE it ALLLLLLLL!! I am pretty disgusted right now. REALLY tempted just to Ebay the whole lot of it. Seriously.

So I have to make a decision: do I purge this and reclaim what I love? Just the pictures, just the paper and some feelings written down? Or do I just sit here amidt all of this waste and gluttony and just pray I can resist in the future? Odds are I will purge it. I am in one of those moods. You know what I am talking about...Change of season brings on a FIERCE cleaning spree. Well, it's been building inside of me for MONTHS.

And as I take my photography business to a whole different level, I find myself turning away from all of the doo-dads of the scrapbooking industry. It's just so much STUFF, you know. It detracts from the MESSAGE. It leads me where I don't want to be. Like a buffet that I can't stop eating.

if I decide to chuck it all, I will give you, my lovely readers, the first chance before I foist an OBSCENE amount of scrapbooking product into EBay. I just don't want to weight of it anymore.

So I may have to walk away...and just concentrate on what REALLY matters.

The pictures.
The paper.
and the storiesPosted by Picasa


Linda said...

you're scaring me! I am, and will always be, a collector, a hoarder. It is in my genes. Ask my sister...we do it because my mom did it...she still does. I cringe at the thought of going through her things someday when she passes away. She has so much STUFF.

I've been like this in a lot of things, especially food. But with my tiny kitchen, I almost HAVE to live a "hand to mouth" existence. The psychology behind the scrapbook stuff is "texture", the physical as opposed to the mental. Most times, they are emotional purchases...and a desire to be able to create something that is better than the last thing. Make any sense?

Dang - now I can't bequeath all my scrapping supplies to my sister, you, and Christy if I should pass away!!!

mmmmmm Donuts said...

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