Sunday, September 24, 2006

aaahhhh it's Sunday

it's 9:17am. Usually, I would be running around, half dressed, frantically trying to get 4 other people ready for church. Not today. Jonathan is under the weather. He just has a cold, but for Jonathan, a cold has a TERRIBLE effect on his behavior. (think PMS to the 10th power). So I am at home, while Greg fulfills his Choir Director duties. He came home yesterday absolutely THRILLED about the new hymnal. I've never seen him so excited about the church hymnal.

Today it's sort of rainy, overcast and drizzly...perfect for curling up with a good book. My love of reading started a LONG time ago. My mom has always been an avid reader, which is how I grew to love books. I remember fondly our trips to the Bracewell Library (which no longer exists as I knew it) and the hours we would spend, combing the aisles for books, books and more books. My mom still reads voraciously and I am grateful for the gift I inherited from her. I think of it as a gift. Because reading saved me. It did. I know many of you (some of whom know me in REAL LIFE) won't believe this but I am very shy. I was PAINFULLY shy as a small child so I lost myself in books. My childhood bedroom had an entire wall with books. Some far above my age range, some that I had read 20x. And I have never stopped loving books.

I am lucky that in the small town that I live in has an amazing library. And the librarians are very nice. I was online this morning, cruising the bestseller list. I am very compulsive. I read all of the books on the NYT Bestseller List. Well, not all of them. If it's some liberal-written, man hating, against my values book, I won't read it. But for the most part, I read the best sellers. Plus I get book recommendations from people I know and respect. I am presently reading "Under the Banner of Heaven" by Jon Krakauer. A very good book. It hooks you in the 1st chapter. I love that! I loaded up my book request list with some good titles. Now I just wait for them to come in....

I am most excited about being 1st on the list for the recently acquired Barbara Curtis book "The Mommy Manual" You might remember me mentioning her. She's the blogger at She's the mother of 12, a fine Christian woman and she's an accompished author. I can't wait to read some more of her books!

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Linda said...

Would you believe I'm halfway through that book (Under the Banner of Heaven)???? Cosmic Sisters, unite! I can't believe the stuff I read in that's scary that FLDS can believe's scary to think of ANY of the things that Joseph Smith has written are even TRUE...prophet, my foot!

I've been scrapping...that's it!

stefani said...

Rainy days are made for reading. My mom too passed on her love of reading me and my brother. We are very happy that my nephew is the same way. DH is not really a reader. He cannot understand how I can read a book over and over again.