Tuesday, September 12, 2006

another Challenge

I was cruising blogs......like I always am.
And I stopped here http://kimberlysabel.typepad.com/
and I think I am going to DO this Challenge....

I'm going to do a page of a picture of myself from 10 YEARS AGO.....

10 years ago, I was a totally different person.
Materially blessed but oh so unhappy.
My father was dying, my family aching from the strain and grief, my then marriage was a complete fraud and I just didn't even want to be ME.

So scrapping that ought to prove interesting.
I'll get to tell about meeting and falling in REAL love with my husband.
Starting over. Moving on. Growing up.
and finally becoming the ME that I like.
What a journey it's been.....but I am ready for this Challenge....
So tonight is MY night (I get a few hours twice weekly just to blow off -or scrap- by myself. Gonna hit the library then my scrap space....)

So, if you're a scrapper (which I know some of you are), do you do LO's of photos from less-than-happy times? It's so easy to just scrap the good memories, the happy, the wonderful and edit out the crap, the pain, the misery.....I tried to do a book of pictures of my Dad once. I did one page and couldn't do anymore because I just sat there with my head on my desk, crying too hard....He died almost 10 years ago and I still can't watch movies where dads walk their daughters down the aisle without bawling.....

So here's the messy, the unhappy, the misery that shapes us.

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