Saturday, September 09, 2006


Next month is HALLOWEEN and the kids are ramping up with costume requests. Again, I am VERY conservative even in costumes. I don't like things with guns, or with too much skin showing.....

And Adam wants to be a pirate....EVERYONE will be a pirate this year (because of that movie...which we still have not seen). He wants ME to be Pirate Mom (because of a book we read last night..) What do I say to that?


I am trying to sell him on just being a dragon because a) we already OWN that costume and b) it's less...I do I put it? I don't even know.

Is it silly? I know many parents go ALL OUT for costumes. Micaela is going as Ariel from the Little Mermaid this year. Costco had her costume for $30.....THIRTY DOLLARS? Sheesh. I reflect back on costumes that I wore when I was a kid. One year, my sister made me a monster costume, it rocked. I still remember that. But I cannot sew. My husband sews...but I do not.

So the situation is this: I have to find Adam a costume. Halloween is for kids. If you have a costume that will fit a 4 year old boy, let me know....

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Linda said...

Well, Tinkerbell is the rage in this house, as you WELL know, so I'm going to attempt to make a costume that is better than LAST year's version. Where can I get a LIME green bodysuit????

Conservative is devils or witches in my house.

As a kid I made a BAT costume one was fun!