Saturday, September 16, 2006

a day at the Fair, Pt 1

We went to the Bluemont Fair today. VERY small little town next to us. This fair started in a field near the town and has grown and grown ever since. The town has 125 year round residents and over 15,000 come to this fair. That being said, it's a wonderfully put together event.
Filled with crafts, booths, antiques. FOOD and kettle corn (which made me homesick for Alaska in the worst way....)

and they have pony rides.....

The pony rides were the highlight of the Fair for both kids. I wish there was a convenient place near our home for equine therapy for the kids. It's sooooo good to have kids with special needs works with horses. Jonathan did it for a long time when we lived in Texas and it was GREAT for him.....

Adam was very comfortable on a horse. Micaela got into it, as well. Posted by Picasa

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