Monday, September 25, 2006

file this under TMI

I have a sinus infection.
I have a bladder infection.
I have a kidney infection.

And it's Monday........

Who says good things come in threes?

It's sunny and beautiful outside, but I am not enjoying it..... I can't take the sinus meds (because I would be out cold on the couch with a 4 year old home alone. NOT!) It has taken me about 2.5 hours to complete 45 minutes worth of homeschooling. Adam is taking advantage of my weakened state. If nothing appears on my blog for a while, you'll know that the germs won.

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stefani said...

Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. I hope you get to feeling better soon. :)

Christy said...

I hope you start feeling better.

Anonymous said...

AH? A "kidney infection" is nothing more than a "bladder infection" that has extended farther up the urinary tract. And by the way, a kidney infection/pyelonephritis makes a person deathly ill and usually requires hospitalization for IV antibiotics. If you had a real "kidney infection" you wouldn't be posting on this blog. While there is a distinct difference between a "bladder infection" and pyelonephritis, I doubt that you have a bladder infection either. E.Coli being the most common pathogen, it isn't squashed with cranberry juice or any other of mom's home remedies. It also requires antibiotics, which means if you had one, you would have already went to your physician. Most people call simple sinus congestion a "sinus infection". Not true. A sinus infection is a bacterial infection that presents with acute facial pain, headache, purulent nasal dischare, fever etc. Again, if you had these symptoms.......look for sympathy elsewhere. Sorry to be negative but I'm a single MD recently graduated and bored. Came across your blog which I like by the way. Utah

SB said...

thanks for your "comment" I know the difference. I have spina bifida occulta (which if you're a real med student, you'll know predisposes the patient to uninary problems. I have renal reflux as a result.

And suffering from sinus problems my whole life, I know the causes of sinusitis.

Not looking for sympathy. I certainly wouldn't look for it on the internet. I have a husband and family who care about me and for me, so I need not look elsewhere.

Thanks for commenting. I love a good snark! At least you're a REAL MD and not some poser like a PA.

stefanie said...

OMG! Loved your comeback! Snarks suck! I've had all three of those conditions as well as a kidney stone and they are all just rotten. When you blog, you kind of form an online family so guess what? Your family cares about you. Get better soon!

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute! Yes I'm an MD. But I worked as a PA for 3 years before I decided to go back to Med school. First in surgery and then cardiology. PA school parallels Med school with the exception that an MD goes on to residency to specialize. The word "poser" is actually insulting. Med school was a breeze for me because I was already a PA. I'm about to start an internal medicine residency at UWV. I can't imagine our country's health care without PA's. Get your facts straight please. Utah

SB said...

it's odd you keep signing Utah, but you show up in Georgia.

Do tell.


Meant no disrespect by calling PA's posers, but face it, some of them think they're the shit, ya know? I mean, it's not like they're REAL doctors. I have met some highly capable PA's and some who I wouldn't trust to tie my shoes.

Enjoy your job in the medical profession. I don't envy you.


Anonymous said...

No doubt. But just as many MD's who couldn't tie your shoes. I know, I graduated with 39 other new MD's, 20 of whom cheated their way through. How do you know I'm in Georgia? Thats pretty cool. I graduated from Emory school of Medicine in Atlanta 3 months ago. I'm from Ogden Utah (miss the mountains). I'm moving to West Virginia in 2 weeks. Utah

SB said...

yep, I have tracking software on my blog. And it says you're posting from GEORGIA. Thomasville to be exact. And it even tracks your ISP, how long you're on my blog, where else you visit, blah blah blah.....

I love Big Brother. And technology.

Good luck with that doctor thing.

Linda said...

Suz, I'm right with you on all the above. When you've had a condition all your life, due to other medical reasons, there's not a doctor (or POSER PA) who can tell you you're wrong, because YOU have been dealing with it, not HIM. Shame that people have to lie to themselves and others in order to make themselves feel self-important.

UTAH - you're a POSER, no have a secret life and are posing in the life you have now in order to keep that secret. You'll be caught someday.