Saturday, September 30, 2006

happy it's Fall

I love this weather.
Chilly...almost chilly enough for a light sweater.
I might even put my flannel sheets on my bed. What's not to love about Fall? Everything bursts forth in bright colors. Luterally jumping out at ya. I just love it. I am feeling a bit better. Actually ventured out to Target today. (Suzanne loves Target!) I am sure I will be completely well and healed by mid-week. Thanks for all the kind wishes and prayers. Word to the wise: be nice to your kidneys. They're can bring you to your knees.

So all this action on my blog from my friend, Greg's, photos got me thinking...thinking about the whole dating scene. How glad I am that I am married for life. I didn't do dating very well. Believe it or not, I was pretty shy and just ended up with the guys who picked me, instead of the other way around. This was bad because I ended up with two of the World's biggest losers. But then I got smart and picked someone who I could love forever. That might sound hokey, but it's true. I could never see my future with any man until I met my husband.

Enough about me.....back to the dating thing.....the response to Greg's picture was astounding. Women left comments that were not fit for my blog reader's eyes! But I did share all of them with him and he was intrigued.....He's a nice guy who deserves a nice girl. But it begs the question: what are single women really looking for? What's important when you meet someone for the first time? What attracts you the to that person? (With me, it was laughter. Greg made me laugh and I fell in love. The rest was a BONUS!) But how do people do it? How do they decide in those first 5 seconds whether they want to get know someone better? I've heard that generally speaking women make up their minds in 5 seconds, men in 10....Are the women missing some great men because they're too hasty? Interesting question to ponder. And I am really glad not to have to date.

Now, I am off to grill some chicken!!

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Linda said...

It's hard to pinpoint exactly what it was about Scott...he was just so "that" in my life. I hired him to give me trumpet lessons so I could join the Army...but every time I walked into the room, I could feel the electricity...and I felt like a 5th grader and performed like one, even though I knew my lessons up and down (I still don't think Scott believes that I actually did my lessons, lol).

But he was so kind and caring - and more...and gosh, he has the BEST calves in the world (weird, huh???)